How to Book A Lesson with David
  1. Click  "Book A Lesson" 
  2. Select the service and time when you'd like to have your lesson. If the time does not work for David, he may call you to reschedule. 
  3. Once David accepts your appointment, you will receive an email containing a simple link that you will need to click to download Zoom (the software we use for remote support)  
  4. For audio, David will call you on the phone at the time of the lesson. For international clients, Zoom also offers an option to use your computer's microphone. 
  • A one hour lesson is $175 USD for standard support ($225/hour for YouTube Consulting)

  • A High-speed internet connection is required. (NOTE: DSL or Satelite connections are typically not fast enough).

  • David cannot remotely fix hardware issues. He also can not take over your iPhone or iPad, but he may be able to verbally walk you through the steps.

  • You will not be billed until David has accepted the appointment.

  • David is not responsible for missed sessions if the user provides incorrect contact information (i.e. phone number) which prohibits him from being able to contact you. 

Sample Topics:

  • Organize/Edit Photos

  • Help with Video Editing

  • YouTube Channel Consulting

  • Clean Up Your Mac

  • Resolve Syncing Issues

  • Hardware Consulting

  • Backup Solutions

  • Merging Photo Libraries

  • Remove Adware/Malware

  • and much more...


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