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About David A. Cox

Father and Son. Probably playing Space Invaders on a 1985 Macintosh Plus

I was born and raised in Natick, Massachusetts, a town known for its love of sports. As a child, I found myself drawn to both theater and technology, setting me apart from my sports-oriented peers. My father played a pivotal role in sparking my interest in technology when he introduced me to the Macintosh Plus in 1985.

Throughout my school years, I was a consistent B student. My unique interests and last name made me an easy target for bullies, but it was during this challenging time that I discovered the media lab at my school, filled with the first generation of iMacs. I quickly became proficient in the original version of iMovie and by the age of 16, I was editing on a high-end Media 100 System that was donated to my high school.


After graduating from high school, I pursued my passion for film production at Emerson College in Boston, MA. During my final semester, I moved to Los Angeles, California, where I learned the harsh realities of Hollywood. While I loved video production, I realized that I wanted to create content on my terms.


Returning to Massachusetts, I found my way to Cape Cod and began managing an Apple Computers dealership. My boss recognized my talent for working with people and suggested that I teach classes. As I began teaching, word spread quickly, and I found myself traveling across Cape Cod, sharing my passion for Apple products with various communities. During this time, I discovered that my true gift was not just my technical knowledge, but my ability to convey complex technical concepts to those who were not tech-savvy.


Although I was working harder than ever, I struggled to make ends meet. After reaching the maximum salary at my job, I decided to take a leap of faith and work for myself. Just as with my classes, word of mouth led to a growing client base for my private tech support services. However, I still felt that something was missing.


I founded Tech Talk America to combine my love for video production and teaching technology to those who don't consider themselves tech-savvy. YouTube has been an incredible platform, providing me with complete creative control over the content I create—a rare opportunity in today's world.

Droning Provincetown

In 2014, I started an experiment under the name of Droning Provincetown.

Provincetown, MA is known as one of the largest destinations for the LGBTQ+ community with revolving theme weeks over the summer season. I began to capture these events and edited them into elaborate (sometimes musical) montages. During the ten years I lived in Provincetown I created 100 video productions. They are all available at While the event videos were tremendously fun to produce, this is without a doubt the best video I've ever created:

Finding Love in Palm Springs (adjacent)
David Cox, David Witzke, and their dogs Rory and Riley

After ten years of living in Provincetown, I needed a change of scenery. For years I had vacationed in Palm Springs, California, and I grew to love the desert. I ended up settling in Rancho Mirage, and eight months after buying my home, I met the man who would become my husband. His name, of course, is also David. Together, we've become known as "The Davids." We also have two miniature schnauzers named Rory and Riley. When you put all of our initials next to each other, it's R2D2. 🐶

While I do not make as many YouTube videos as I use to, I still offer one-on-one "tech therapy" services to individuals, couples, and small businesses. If you would like to book an online or in-person session with me, please visit the Tech Therapy page.

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