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Sony a7riii.- Read Description First

This is my primary camera when filming for both Tech Talk America and Droning Provincetown. I do occasionally now shoot with a Canon XC-15, but the cinema-like quality here is incredible.

DJI Ronin-M

The Ronin-M is the gimbal that I now use while making my Droning Provincetown productions. It gets you that ultra-smooth shot and pairs well with the Fly Cam

ronin m.jpg

Feiyutech a200 Professional Gimbal

Want to know the secret to getting ultra smooth video? This is one of my favorite gadgets. Granted, my forearms tend to ache after using it for several hours, but the final product is worth the pain. Note: admittedly learning how to properly balance your camera does take time to master. Have that expectation in advance. 


NEEWER 160 LED Dimmable Lights

I currently own two of these and strongly recommend getting two light stands (link here) to go with them. Also, this will eat through AA batteries like you won't believe so be sure to get THIS too.


LIFX Lights

I have plenty of these around the house for multiple purposes. First, they're just plain cool. Second, when you want to throw a color on a wall, they can turn around 6 million colors (I haven't personally counted them, but it's on my "to-do" list).


Smooth 4 Gimbal for Any Smartphone

This gimbal is perfect for stabilizing video on any smart phone.

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