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Webcam Cover - 3 Pack

If you want to ease your anxiety about that camera staring at you all day, here's a simple privacy protector you can put over your webcam (for laptops and desktops)

Woolnut Macbook & Macbook Pro Covers

This cover just feels sexy. This slick cover (made in multiple sizes) snugly fits your Mac if you just need to throw something to protect it while it's floating around in your bag. And yes, you will find one of these on my MacBook Pro.

Woolnut iPhone Leather Wallet Case (Black or Brown)

If you're looking for an iPhone case that also has a wallet built into it, this one is absolutely worth checking out. Available in multiple sizes.

External USB-C CD/DVD Drive (USB-C Connection)

If you need to be able to read/write DVD's to your new Mac, you may need one of these. This one comes with a USB-C connection which is found in the newer Apple Computers. Also included is an adapter for USB 3.0


Apple Magic Trackpad 2

Available in Space Gray (typically higher priced) and White. Trackpads aren't for everyone, but I absolutely love mine. If you are into video editing, this makes scrolling on your timeline a breeze!