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External USB-C CD/DVD Drive (USB-C Connection)

If you need to be able to read/write DVD's to your new Mac, you may need one of these. This one comes with a USB-C connection which is found in the newer Apple Computers. Also included is an adapter for USB 3.0

Webcam Cover - 3 Pack

If you want to ease your anxiety about that camera staring at you all day, here's a simple privacy protector you can put over your webcam (for laptops and desktops)

USB-C Power Bank

If you own one of the new MacBook Pro's, you'll love this power bank. It's slim, well built, and perfect for any travel bag.


Apple Magic Trackpad 2

Available in Space Gray (typically higher priced) and White. Trackpads aren't for everyone, but I absolutely love mine. If you are into video editing, this makes scrolling on your timeline a breeze!

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