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The Smooth 2 and Crane by Zhiyun are two amazing gimbals that can help take budget filmmaking to the next level. If you own a smartphone, you already have access to a great camera, but one of the key difference between professional and amateur looking video is stabilization. The Zhiyun Smooth 2 and Crane add a professional gimbal to either your smartphone (not just iPhone) or DSLR.


Zhiyun Smooth 2:
Zhiyun Crane:

Recommended Accessories:
Dolica Monopod:
Zhiyun Wireless Remote:

DSLR Camera Suggestions:
Canon Rebel T6i:
Canon Rebel T5:
Nikon D3300:
We may add more to this list later… if you have one you’d like us to consider leave a comment below!

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A lot has changed in the filmmaking industry. When I went to film school (Emerson) I was laughed at because I was interested in using digital cameras instead of traditional film cameras. The joke was on them… and their wallets.

Here’s the reality when it comes to filmmaking:
You don’t need a $10,000 camera anymore to get a great image. All you need is a well composed image, a story (yes, that is still important), and knowledge… and that knowledge is going to get you the $10k image quality without spending $10k!!!

One part of that is shot stability. Tripod shots are a snore, drone’s can only be used in certain conditions, and a stedicam can run you around $2k. The Zhiyun Smooth 2 and Crane accomplish the same thing for a lot less. The Smooth 2 works with any smartphone. If you have a larger smart phone you’ll need to use the included counter weight. A gimbal inside the device balances and stabilizes your shot. The results are purely magical. Even with improved software for stabilization in the iPhone, you still can’t get this kind of quality without the help of an external device.

The Zhiyun Smooth 2 in particular has become one of my top favorite filmmaking accessories (the other being my drone). If you’re interested in getting into this creative field, I really hope you’ll check out these products.