iPhone Messages Tips and Tricks (iOS 10 Edition)

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Message for iPhone is the most widely used app and so we’ve decided to do an entire class devoted to covering this app. We’ll discuss new features like tap back, markup, and stickers as well as older features that you might have missed.

Our Favorite Apps/Stickers for iPhone (many of these links will only work if you live in the USA. Otherwise you can just search for them).

JibJab: http://bit.ly/jibjabiphone
Yarn Spin: http://bit.ly/YarnSpiniPhone
Emoji Me: http://bit.ly/EmojiMeiPhone

00:28 Force Touch
01:05 Audio Memos
01:50 Inspector
2:35 Send Current Location
02:50 Share my location
03:19 Individual Do Not Disturb
03:41 Individual Read Receipts
04:34 Link Previews
04:58 Instant Photos
06:32 Tapback
07:04 Predictive Text
08:13 Digital Touch
09:32 Markup Photos
10:17 Apps for Messages