The Most Important Siri Command

The Most Important Siri Command You Need to Know

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If you own an iPhone 6, 6s, or 7 (also all the plus models), this may be the most important Siri command you need to know.

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If you own an iPhone 6, this feature will work, but only if your phone is receiving power. One way to make this happen is with a battery case. Here are a few of my favorites… just remember. This will ONLY work if the phone is receiving power at the time. The special words you need to remember WORD FOR WORD are: “Hey, Siri. Call 911 on Speaker.” Keep in mind that you must say “on speaker” at the end for this to work since you can’t verbally initiate a Siri command once a call has started.

Recommended Battery Case for the iPhone 6 (not plus)
Apple’s own battery case:
WHY I RECOMMEND THIS ONE: The reason why I recommend Apple’s own case over 3rd party cases is because it will automatically use the battery as soon as you unplug it. Many 3rd party cases require you to switch them “on” which means if you’re having an emergency and the case isn’t already on, you’ll be out of luck. You can go with a less expensive 3rd party case provided you are disciplined to immediately turn it on after you unplug it.

For less expensive options for the iPhone 6, check out these:
Option 1 ($46 when we recorded this class)
Option 2 ($32 when we recorded this class)
Option 3 ($41 when we recorded this class)

Recommended Case for the iPhone 6 Plus:
Anker Battery Case:
NOTE: Because Apple does not make their own case for the iPhone 6 Plus it is important to understand that this case will only help you if you immediately turn it on. Otherwise, power will not be delivered to your phone until you do so, and thus this emergency feature will not work if it is disabled.

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