Why You Should Consider Getting a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

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A Virtual Private Network helps keep your browsing history PRIVATE!

Here’s the ONLY ONE we recommend:
http://bit.ly/PrivateInternetAccessTTA (full explanation WHY we recommend this service is below)

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Under Donald Trump and the Republican Congress, it is now legal for your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to sell your web browsing history to 3rd party companies. This means what minimal privacy laws that had existed are now basically GONE! No matter who you are, this is something you should at least consider and also have a basic understand of how a VPN works.

A VPN protects you by disguising your location and essentially creates a “tunnel” between you and the websites you access, but not all VPN’s are made equally!

In my research, I was shocked to discover how many VPN companies have very shady business practices which include flat out lying about whether or not they keep logs, stating in their privacy policy that they will actually sell your browsing history (in which case… what’s the point?!?), etc.

To blindly sign up with ANY VPN without reading their privacy policy is strongly discouraged.

The Down Sides to a VPN:
* No way to access or delete what information about you has already been collected.
* You may discover a slight reduction in your Internet speeds
* It is possible you may not be able to access some online services. This is easily remedied by temporarily taking down the VPN.

WHY we are recommending Private Internet Access over the competition:
* Budget friendly ($40/year)
* They do NOT keep logs
* Many sever locations means you’ll be able to use it even when you travel.
* Support for up to 5 connected devices at the same time

While we did not mention it in the video, it is possible to hook the VPN up to your network so that ALL your devices are protected while in your home, however since there are so many different routers, this is a question you may need to just bring up with their support team. FYI their support email is helpdesk@privateinternetaccess.com

Getting Ready for The Potential E-Mail Issue:
1. Go to your Mail program…. preferences… accounts… and go under “server settings”
2. Click on “edit SMTP servers”
3. Take a screen shot and send to helpdesk@privateinternetaccess.com be sure to include your account info.

[Hint to screen shot on a Mac use Command + Shift + 3]