Canon MX492 Printer Review

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The Canon MX492 printer is one of our favorite printers. You can get one here: It’s efficient, inexpensive, and has many of the best features people care about like wireless printing, the ability to print from an iPhone/iPad, scanning, copying, document feeder, and fax (for the 3 people who still use a fax).

So why do we love this printer? The biggest reason is price. At under $60 and with only two ink cartridges (instead of five!) it’s one of the most affordable options out there and has many of the features people care about.

Need Extra Ink? Get a combo pack here:

Another key feature is that this printer has AirPrint, meaning you can print from your iPhone or iPad without the need for a computer.

Setup Instructions (from printer side)
Go into settings (tool icon)
Press “OK”
Press the right arrow.
Press “OK” again.

From your router
(except if you have an Airport Extreme, Time Capsule or Airport Express)
Look for a button on the top or back of your router that says “WPS” you’re going to press and hold that button for approximately 5 seconds. From here you’ll pick back up on your computer.

For Time Capsule, Airport Extreme, and Airport Express Owners:
Go into Airport Utility on your Mac (or PC) and enter the password to your router. From here go to the menu bar and under “base station” click “add WPS printer”

Once you’ve linked up your printer to the router you now simply have to go to System Preferences…. Printers.. and click the plus sign to add the printer.